ASD Classes

The aim of the Mercy Kilbeggan ASD class is to provide a holistic learning and caring environment which facilitates students with ASD to reach their full educational potential in line with our school Mission Statement. The teachers, support staff and parents are partners in the student’s education. We place emphasis in areas of communication, daily living skills, social skills, literacy, numeracy and other areas like Art, History, Geography, and Mathematics where students can excel.  Differentiation is an integral part of the learning environment and all students have an Individual Educational Plan. 


Junior Cycle ASD Class

Students in our Junior Cycle ASD class engage in life skills, academics, crafts, music, and physical activity. They are also presented with the opportunity to participate in various Junior Cycle subjects with the mainstream cohort on a continual basis. Personal development, enjoyment and academic progression is emphasised for all students in our Junior Cycle ASD class. 


Senior Cycle ASD Class

Students in our Senior Cycle ASD class build on their learning undertaken in the Junior Cycle ASD class. Students engage in a wide range of Senior Cycle subject areas, with emphasis being placed on personal achievement at their own respective level, as well as enjoyment and progression. Our aim is to enable and prepare students for Leaving Certificate examinations, whereby they can move on from our school with recognisable and notable accolades.