Student Council

Our student council is made up of pupils that want to make a difference in the school. Their ambition this year is to improve the general standard of school life for students in our school. They represent each school year and advocate for what the pupils in our school want. They meet weekly to discuss any issues that pupils have in the school and are guided by Ms. Glynn.

Officers 2019-2020

Lauren Mohan  6th Year
Michael Costello  6th Year
Colum Peters  5th Year
Emma Ham  5th Year
Cathal Kelly      TY
Joey O'Neill      TY
Geri O'Brien      TY
Lauryn McDonnell      TY
Amy Geoghegan  3rd  Year
Conor Fagan  3rd  Year
Damien Byrne  2nd  Year
Sinead Bracken  2nd  Year
Leah Fagan  1st Year
Evan Marr  1st Year