Mission Statement & Strategic Aims


Mercy Secondary School, Kilbeggan is a voluntary secondary school established in 1964 by the Sisters of Mercy. In accordance with the foundress of Mercy School, Catherine McCauley, her gospel and legacy, we show a special interest in the poor and disadvantaged. We are committed to the Charter of our Trustees Catholic Education An Irish Schools Trust - CEIST.

Mission Statement

Mercy Secondary School Kilbeggan is a Catholic co-educational school committed to the holistic education of all students, to ensure that individually, they each realise their full potential in a social and physical environment that is caring, supportive and joyful. We work in partnership with students, staff, parents and the community, and welcome all students from our multicultural society.

Strategic Aims

  • To educate all students to their full potential in every aspect - aesthetic, moral, academic, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social.
  • To foster an awareness of the dignity, uniqueness, independence and interdependence of each individual person in a climate of respect and responsibility, with a view to enhancing each individual’s self esteem.
  • To provide challenges for all students in activities that are stimulating, constructive and rewarding
  • To develop the social and physical infrastructure of the school in a positive and progressive manner.
  • To build strong and trusting relations between the students, staff, parents and community to ensure that all resources available are used to their optimum
  • To develop in students through the Catholic Ethos of the school a sense of stewardship, social responsibility and self that will stay with them beyond their years here to make them full participants in an ever changing world


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