ASGARD Classes

Since its establishment in September 2009, with the addition of a second class in the 2012/13, a third class in the 2021/22, and a fourth class in 2022/23 the ASGARD Classes at Mercy Kilbeggan have become an intrinsic part of our school community. 

Here students are provided with a holistic learning experience within a caring environment which allows them to reach their full educational potential while simultaneously accessing mainstream classes and activities as appropriate for each individual. 

Our classes currently cater for twenty-four students from first to sixth year, all of whom are full members of Mercy Secondary School, Kilbeggan and integrate with their peers at various levels. 

To achieve these goals, while recognising that no two students are the same we work in conjunction with students, their families and the wider school community to devise individual Student Support Plans in accordance with the guidelines set out under the Education for Persons with Special Needs Act (EPSEN, 2004).

ASGARD Class Teachers:

Mr. Donnelly, Mr. Hagan, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. P. Duffy, Mr. Horan, Ms. Relihan, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Dempsey


Ms. Mary Nolan, Ms. Fiona Dunne, Ms. Mary McDonnell, Ms. Denise Murray, Mr. Damien Minnock, Mr. Maurice Colton, Mr. Luke McNamee, Ms. Megan Delaney, Ms. Martha Scally, Ms. Dympna Daly, Mr. Andrew O'Sullivan, Ms. Amy Spollen

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Cairdeas agus Cinéaltas

Friendship and Kindness are two of the fundamental principles that guide the daily workings of our school and indeed the interactions between all those in our wider community.

Acknowledging the importance of these ideals, the T.Y students at Mercy Kilbeggan run a programme wherein they work with younger students to help guide their development while building lasting friendships along the way.

The ‘Cairdeas agus Cinéaltas’ programme recognises that students learn a great deal simply by observing and interacting with their peers and that the impact of a great mentor can be lifelong.

To this end, students and mentors meet across the week, throughout the academic year to enjoy mutual hobbies/ interests, help one another in their studies and learn many new skills along the way.

The initiative is having a hugely positive impact on all those involved and it continues to prosper.

‘Friendship is not a big thing…’s a million little things’


 AsIAm – Autism Advocacy and Support Network

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